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BGA Reballing & Repair Services

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Circuits Central offers BGA Rework\Re-Balling\Repair services including but not limited to:repair

  • BGA re-balling
  • Repair of lifted or missing BGA pads
  • Repair of solder masks at BGA sites
  • BGA component removal replacement and salvage
  • X-ray inspection
  • Circuit pattern design changes at BGA sites
  • Pad & Solder Mask Repair

    Solder is prevented from flowing down vias during BGA replacement by repairing damaged solder mask between BGA pads and connecting vias. IPC’s BGA Pad Repair Procedures are following in replacement of damaged or missing BGA pads. Specially fabricated adhesive backed BGA pads are thermally bonded to the board surface during these procedures.

  • BGA Site Modification

    As jumper wires are not typically an option for change or modifications at BGA sites, these types of modifications use flat copper ribbons thin enough to fit safely under BGA components.

  • BGA Component Removal and Replacement

    Circuits Central provides you with a repeatable process, which meets the highest quality standard. Whether one board or couple of thousand boards requires rework, we have the capacity and know-how to exceed your expectations.

  • X-ray Inspection

    X-ray inspection for BGA components is completed on every board we process at our facility, during assembly and modifications. This inspection pinpoints defects including solder join shorts, open, and voids. X-Ray images can be tracked, and made available upon request.

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