Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

The technology sector is growing at an alarming rate, which is great for sales but tough on supply. Circuits Central is an all-inclusive consumer electronics manufacturer, upgrade, and repair service provider. For those in consumer-driven industries, demand is high and running low on inventory could mean the difference between making money and losing money.

As the leading consumer electronics manufacturer in Ontario, Circuits Central takes consumer manufacturing seriously. We understand that time is money and being prepared saves time.

Products We Offer

Circuits Central provides a myriad of services to our clients. We also offer high-quality consumer electronic products at an affordable rate. These include:

  • Wireless Charging Stations –

    Mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are becoming a staple in the everyday lives of consumers. Having charging stations available for consumer use is a huge incentive.

  • Bluetooth/Wireless Peripherals –

    Headsets, speakers, and other Bluetooth pairing peripherals are another trend in consumer electronics. With laws on mobile phone use changing the way we drive, walk, and cross the road – it’s more important than ever to include hands-free options to mobile customers. We offer well-made, affordable Bluetooth options.

As a consumer electronics manufacturer, it’s our job to find out what consumers want and provide supplies to our clients, and we do it well. Partner with us to stay abreast of the latest electronic trends.

Why Choose Circuits Central as Your Consumer Electronics Manufacturer?

As an Ontario based consumer electronics manufacturer, we know what Canadians want and ensure our products are up to the latest Canadian standards. By being immersed in the electronics industry for many years, our team is experienced in pre-manufacturing, manufacturing, post-manufacturing and supply management.

We work closely with clients to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with every product we manufacture. Circuits Central strives to deliver fast, well-designed, durable products with customizable packaging and documentation.

For more information on our wireless charging stations and Bluetooth pairing devices, contact Circuits Central at 1-888-821-7746.