Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

The technology sector is growing at a rapid rate, which can mean great things for sales, but it can be strenuous for supply. That’s where Circuits Central comes in – we are an all-inclusive consumer electronics manufacturer, upgrade, and repair service provider. For those in consumer-driven industries, demand is high; therefore, running low on inventory could mean the difference between making money and losing money.

As the leading consumer electronics manufacturer in Ontario, Circuits Central takes consumer manufacturing seriously. We understand that time is money, so you’ll need to be adequately prepared.

When it comes to consumer electronics, whether it’s wearables, gaming, or audio products, our technological worlds are becoming more united. The digital landscape that we live in needs high capabilities for connectivity and for utilizing advanced electronics.

Circuits Central wants to empower its clients by offering them manufacturing solutions in processes like design, prototyping, engineering, and production. We stick with our clients from beginning to end so they can produce a product to their satisfaction.

Products We Offer

Wireless Charging Stations

Electric vehicles continually need to be charged to function. That’s why creating wireless charging stations is so critical. When manufacturing wireless charging stations, creating innovation while using existing techniques is crucial. At Circuits Central, we know how the process works and are always up-to-date on current and emerging trends. Since the marketing is ever-changing, furthering your knowledge of wireless charging stations will lead to improvement for your profit margins.

Bluetooth/Wireless Peripherals

Bluetooth and Wireless Peripherals are exciting technologies that provide wireless connectivity to devices like laptops, cell phones, wireless headsets, and many others. When building systems for Bluetooth items, it is essential to consider all the components that go into the manufacturing process. We can help guide you through the planning stages, such as product size, time-to-market, and potential costs. Since we have the credible experience, we know precisely how to address any of your concerns and use the correct testing implementation. That way, your business model will be cost-effective, as well as productive.

Why Choose Circuits Central as Your Consumer Electronics Manufacturer?

As an Ontario based consumer electronics manufacturer, the team at Circuits Central knows what Canadians want and ensures our products are up to the latest Canadian standards. By being immersed in the electronics industry for many years, our team is experienced in pre-manufacturing, manufacturing, post-manufacturing, and supply management.

We work closely with clients to ensure that complete satisfaction with every product we manufacture. Circuits Central strives to deliver fast, well-designed, durable products with customizable packaging and documentation.

If you are looking for a qualified consumer electronics manufacturer, we would be happy to speak to you about any questions, comments, or ideas you may have. To discuss potential opportunities and partnerships with Circuits Central, contact us today by calling 1 (888) 821-7746, fill out our contact form, or send us an email at

We look forward to working with you on your next innovative and exciting project!