Circuit Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Integration

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  • During the Development and testing phase

    During the Development and testing phase Circuits Central’s solutions can assist your organization get your product developed:

    • Quick Turn, Full Turnkey Rapid Prototyping
      • 24-hour production service
    • Complete Range of Rework, Modification and Upgrade Services
    • Environmental Stress Testing
    • Supply Chain Planning
    • Production Documentation
    • Regulatory Certification

  • After production

    Once your product is ready for production, Circuits Central will be a key part of your supply chain. Our production expertise includes:

    • System Integration
    • Materials management and component procurement
      • Overseas sourcing
      • Warehouse and storage
    • Lead Free Processing
    • Automated Component assembly from 01005
    • PCB Assembly (for a more detailed list of our assembly capabilities please visit
      • Flex
      • Rigid
      • Megtron & Rogers
    • Supply Chain Management

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