Prototype Manufacturing

High-quality prototyping is an essential step in product development. Creating functional and refined product prototypes is a process that requires a skilled team with the proper equipment as we have at Circuits Central. No matter what stage you are in the process, we can help. If you are in the earlier stages, creating a prototype will assist you in making an informed choice regarding your product. Or maybe you are looking to launch a product through a crowdfunding campaign as a way to supplement manufacturing costs. We recognize that every business’ objective is different, which is why we offer the following:

  • Full turnkey, no min/max build quantity assembly
  • Prototype assembly in 24 hours (or sometimes even less!)
  • Solutions catered to different requirements and complexities like through-hole/Surface Mount Mix designs, and many others
  • Fully supported and stocked Octoparts CPL (Common Parts Library)

If you need prototyping manufacturing services, our team can help you navigate the process, answer any of your questions, and provide you with information on our offerings. Get in touch with us today at 1 (888) 821-7746, fill out our contact form, or send us an email at

Quality Prototyping Services from Circuits Central

We value our services, which is why our prototyping division allows our customers to have various advantages throughout the process. When you have a prototype that you can visualize in the earlier stages, you’ll be better equipped to find solutions, limit risks, while also reducing costs and maximizing output.

With our prototyping lab, we can innovate and use state-of-the-art equipment to meet your requirements. If you need 3D printing services, moulded parts, refined models, or any other prototype requirement, our team knows how to handle the most complicated of projects and demands. We also have access to laser cutters, water jets, and other sources that will make the best quality prototypes of any size. We know how to tackle unique projects or products and will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful prototype for your next business project, be sure to get in touch with the team at Circuits Central. We have all the knowledge necessary when it comes to our services and equipment, and we can guide you through the process. That way, you don’t have to stress as we can make it as easy as possible for you.

Prototyping Solutions for Your Needs

At Circuits Central, we understand the importance that prototyping plays in getting your design finalized and ready for large volume production. We value the process, which is why we make sure your prototypes are manufactured economically, efficiently, and with the level of detail and oversight that large volume productions are given.

Speak to us today by calling 1 (888) 821-7746, filling out our contact form, or sending us an email at